The moral values have a great effect on our life. It was the ‘Gurukul ’ that made India the mentor of the whole world. India had a great reputation as a place of tremendous educational bodies. The declination of moral values started after neglecting that great tradition.


It is never too late as under the guidance of Acharya Kaushik Ji Maharaj Vishva Jagran Manav Sewa Sangh Ch. Trust is dedicated to direct the new generation in a positive way. Tulsi Gurukul Vidhyapeeth, an international school situated at Tulsivan Ashram, Parikrama Marg, Vrindavan is devoted towards all-round development of the sons of the nation.


Tulsi Gurukul Vidhyapeeth is an international school that focuses on Gurukul Education System. The students who are studying here are assimilating the great Indian moral values. They are also studying the Shreemad Bhagwat, Vede, Puranas, Jyotish etc. under the spiritualistic guidance of Acharya Kaushik Ji Maharaj.


The students here are prepared to give their optimum contribution in the reformation of a new India, a better India.


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