Tulsivan Ashram is being situated at the banks of very pure Yamuna river. Ashram is being constructed in the able guidance of Pujya Maharaj Sri Ji and Pujya Ramdev Shastri Ji (Hon. Chief Secretary).

Ashram’s activities starts early morning from 4’o clock. Ashram has 40 to 50 students who are here to get lesions of Vedas and Puranas. With the strict timings prayers are being offered after which Yagna is being done. In the premises of the Ashram, there’s a yagya shala. There’s also a beautiful temple of Lord Radha Krishna and a discourse hall where devotees sit and listen to Pujya Sri Ji’s discourses. The capacity of the hall is approximately 1200 people at a time.

To participate in these activities is mandatory for everyone. As soon as you enter in the ashram premises, you can clearly feel the presence of Radha Rani and Bankey Bihari. A peaceful environment is very essential in building your life and in the field of divinity especially. Ashram helps make children mentally strong and to make their lives a beautiful one with God’s grace. Sometimes, as Maharaj Sri dosen’t gets much time to devote to these children but still when He is in the Ashram, He tries to sit in between them and give them valuable teachings and inspire them which ultimately helps them in their all round growth and enamor them to Lord Krishna.

We also have an Ashram in the city of Madhya Pradesh, Mandala. The construction work has begun and a different committee is being formed in Maharaj Sri’s supreme supervision to look after the construction work. We are also working on a big project of a Gaushala in Sadupura near Aligarh city, one of its own kind in which 5000 cows will be given shelter. Maharaj Sri believes that the cows are just like our mother. Therefore we call it GAUMATA. And today it’s a very sad moment for all Indians that every day in the country before Sun shines thousands of cows are being murdered. But Maharaj Sri and the trust has taken it as a challenge and a pledge at the same time, to save our GAUMATA from the hands of these cruel killers. Its really disgusting whatever these people do. Maharaj Sri says that we will include all such cows in this very special Gaushala, who are deprived and helpless. We don’t aim to take out their milk and sell it out in the market. We just have an objective to save cows otherwise the day is not far from us when we will see them only in zoos and at some national parks in between tight security.

Tulsivan Ashram also aims to help people with free medical facilities. We organize various medical camps where very capable doctors from reputed hospitals visits and medicines are distributed free of cost.

Ashram’s activities also includes bhandaras for saints of Vrindavan and other people too. All these activities are conducted in the guidance of Pujya Maharaj Sri Ji and the Trust. Many people visits the ashram during Saawan period. It’s a really tough job to handle thousands of people during GURU POORNIMA MAHOTSAV. Devotees come from all over the world to offer their prayers to Maharaj Sri on this respective day. It’s a beautiful scenario when you come across such a moment when everyone stands in a line waiting for his/her turn to offer prayers. Its really a moment of their lifetime when they come in front of Pujya Maharaj Sri Ji and you can find many of them crying after offering their prayers.

So, it’s a never ending process to define such moments and Ashram’s activities. Last but not the least, we end our day with a soulful prayer in the evening following a session of pure music including some classical notes of different ragas and some spiritual songs as well. After that everyone goes to their respective rooms, so that they may again start a new blissful morning with a smile and happiness.

Some Pics from the ashram Activities

Mangla Tulsi Poojan

Khichdi Prasad Vitran

Sant Bhandara

Tree Plantation